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New Zealand: Daytrips from Dunedin

New Zealand: Daytrips from Dunedin

While all of the pictures I’ve been sharing so far look very exciting and instagrammable, they do not (surprisingly) reflect my daily life in New Zealand.

I’m living my day to day life in the flat or around the campus, and that’s why it’s always exciting to head off somewhere during weekends. Our flat is fortunate enough to have a great Kiwi host, who took us on these two trips right in the beginning of our exchange!

Thanks, Adam!!!

FYI: Kiwi host is a New Zealand/Local student similar to a “Buddy” for exchange students in Europe. The difference is that a Kiwi host… actually shares a flat with all the selected exchange students! More fun, yay!

So, what did we see on these cool day trips? Here are some cool spots!

Nugget Point Lighthouse

Hinahina Beach

Purakaunui & Matai Falls

Port Chalmers, Longbeach & Aramoana

New Zealand: Living next to the ocean

New Zealand: Living next to the ocean