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New Zealand: Living next to the ocean

New Zealand: Living next to the ocean

My first month - already done. How is it all like, though?

Being in New Zealand is switching my current photography into such a touristic and travel style! I can’t believe I didn’t arrange a photoshoot being here. It’s so cold, I need to wait for Kiwi spring! Anyway, let me walk you through some of my observations, recent trips I did and first places I discovered.

Dunedin is a student city, that’s why it is so vibrant and full of life. Students here live in their own houses (most of them looking very cute, like this one!) and coming from a Slavic dormitory-life, I have to say, it is such a different experience. I can’t say which one is better, though, the depressing dormitory environment has something special in it. Anyway - let’s focus on New Zealand!

This housing system is very convenient for an exchange student. Since the houses are fully equipped, I didn’t need to pay for kitchen stuff (very useful) and I also do not need to pay any extras for electricity (extremely useful). And on top of that, you get to share an apartment from people all over the world.

Majority of New Zealanders live in the North Island, I think about 2/3 actually, but Dunedin is located in the south. Having not-much-competition in the population, it is the second biggest city on the South island with around 130 000 people in it. I don’t think it’s really a famous tourist spot, travelers are more likely to stay in nature than walk around the cities (which for me, look quite the same over here).

Today, I’ll focus on three highlights I do have quite close and managed to visit! Anyway, do not think this is all worth it in the city, I am just quite lazy and the weather isn’t the best for exploring - sometimes the heater in your room is stronger than your will.

My house is located just 10 minutes from the wonderful Botanic Gardens of Dunedin. When I first seen this place, I told myself: Hey, THIS is the ideal place for a beautiful run! I tried it just a day after. I was wrong. The hills were so steep I could barely handle my breath. But hey, look, it’s beautiful!

One of the downsides of New Zealand is definitely lack of public transport. But that didn’t stop us to explore St. Kilda beach, located just 6km from my flat! It was a wonderful (jk, windy) walk to the freezing paradise of an ocean. It was the first time I was so close (4277km) to Antarctica! Woohoo!

Another interesting part of Dunedin is Baldwin Street, the steepest residential street in the world. Or… it was. When these pictures were taken. Just days afterwards it lost its title. Damnit! Anyway, this is how streets in Dunedin look like. It’s quite flat until it… surprises you.

Anyway, I’m not locked in a cage here in Dunedin - and I actually managed to travel to some interesting places. You can look forward to seeing them next on! I’m trying to take as many opportunities to travel as I can (it’s already expensive, why not make it more expensive) to not regret it later on.

It’s not always easy travel wise, being a person with a drivers license I don’t use because I’m scared of driving but living in a country where you kinda need a car… or weather wise, being a person who just recently realized I need to buy a winter jacket even though everyone warned me it’s going to be cold. But hey! On the positive note, it looks pretty warm on pictures, right?


New Zealand: Daytrips from Dunedin

New Zealand: Daytrips from Dunedin

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