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New Zealand: My home for five months

New Zealand: My home for five months

It’s been 25 days since my plane landed in New Zealand, and I still didn’t manage to put down all my feelings. So, lets start from the very beginning!


Why New Zealand?

So, as a Masters student I had one last opportunity to go for an exchange. And honestly, I was tired from Europe. Don’t get me wrong! I think it’s the most wonderful continent. But if I want to spend five months of my life somewhere, it better be worth it! I just wanted to go somewhere, where the nature is almost untouched and where adventures hide behind every corner. And also, being on the opposite side of the world is just really cool. (Literally)


How long does it take to get there?

Pure 26 hours in an airplane, about 2 days of traveling aaand around 30C degrees of a temperature difference. Saying it out loud makes me think “huh, was I really in this huge flying thingy for this long” - but all in all, these were the best flights in my life I had so far. My journey started in Prague, where I took a 2h flight to Zurich, another 12.5h flight to Singapore, next 10h one to Auckland… but no, not there yet! Just a short 2h one to Dunedin, becoming my new home!

So, any first impressions?

  • THE KIWI ACCENT. Oh gosh, the first few minutes at the airport… I felt like my English is basically non-existent. But getting used to it now!

  • THE COLD IS DIFFERENT. With about 90% of humidity, it really is. And the wind! Anyway, Kiwi’s decided it’s probably a good idea to not have central heating in the flats. It’s not really a thing here. Interesting.

  • THE GREEN IS GREENER. It’s mid-winter here now, yet everything is in bright green colors.

These were my three real first impressions, but being here for almost a month now, I have many more yet to come. I’ll try to take you with me on some of my adventures and keep you updated on the Kiwi culture in the future articles.


So, welcome to my home for five months.

See you in the next episode!

p.s.: I’ll still be posting stuff from Prague, it would be a pity not to see it.

New Zealand: Living next to the ocean

New Zealand: Living next to the ocean

TrickPad / Jump higher!

TrickPad / Jump higher!