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TrickPad / Jump higher!

TrickPad / Jump higher!

…my first shot in product photography: TrickPad

As many of you (maybe) know, I have been studying Business Administration at the University of Economics, Prague, for four years already (god I'm old!) - and this school is full of talented people ((un)like me). Anyway, it's been my pleasure to follow exciting journeys of many new companies from scratch. And since I'm not really an entrepreneur (photography doesn't count, right?) I like to envy people who are.

This, ladies & gentlemen, is when I photographed my close friends' company, currently celebrating their first year on the market. But who am I to tell you about it? Let them introduce themselves!

So, who are you and what do you do?

Our names are David, Káťa and Lea and we are TrickPad. Better said, we are the ones who decided to pursue our entrepreneurial spirit and created a brand of airtracks – TrickPad. Sport is very important for us and our goal is to encourage more people to do it with joy and passion. 

 You mentioned you sell airtracks. Can you tell us something more about? What it actually is?

Airtrack is a universal bouncy inflatable mattress. Easy to carry around. Basically, you can exercise whenever and wherever you need. Airtracks are mostly used in gymnastics, parkour, cheerleading or aerobic, but it’s great also as an equipment for many different types of sports. All of our products are produced of certified, so called drop stitch, material where upper and bottom layers are connected via thousands of fibres. All you need to do is bring a pump, inflate your airtrack and your training can start!

 How did you come up with an idea like this?

Lea: David started his inflatable entrepreneurial career few years back when he established Bumper Balls – (mostly) football in huge inflatable balls. He found out about airtracks randomly on the internet when he saw a video of people having fun on an airtrack – they were using it as a slide. Couple of months flew by, he tested the market and asked us if we would be interested in starting a company since I used to do gymnastics and Káťa used to be a cheerleader. We agreed and here we’re now! 

Any plans for the future?

So far, there are many ideas going on, but we would definitely like to enlarge our portfolio of products on our e-shop. Also, you can look forward to seeing us on many sport expos! Who knows what the future holds.

Thanks TrickPad, hope you'll make people jump even higher!


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