Ľudmila. 21.

Slovak photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Sharing my journey with all of you x

Viki / The world of Rainbows

Viki / The world of Rainbows

Matějská fair is one of the best places you can take pictures throughout the year! It's just so colorful it feels like a fairytale in the pictures. But the reality is different - thousands and thousands of people walking by, smashing into other people and generally not really caring about your “perfect shoot”. In the end, we managed to do lots of cool pictures - here are few of them!

I'm glad I could collaborate with the wonderful singer Viki & talented makeup artist Karina. Collaborations like these still keep me motivated in the field!

And Ludmila, what's new in your life? You may ask, not reading about anything particular for a long time. I love acting like I'm busy, so yeah, still a masters student with lots of subjects. I decided studying combined with photography isn't much, so I'm currently having a great three month internship experience at Mars. And what else? Well, I'm flying off to New Zealand in just three months. And I will stay there till November - that's about the plan so far. I have no idea what I'm doing with my year, but I guess 2019 is about lacking sleep, so… so far so good!

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Summer getaway in Iceland

Summer getaway in Iceland