Ľudmila. 22.

Slovak photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Get to know me! A bit better

Get to know me! A bit better

A Slovak girl. 21. Takes pictures. A lot. Is that all you know about me? Not anymore. Here are some weird facts about myself. 


1. I imitate people quite well & quite often

When I'm telling a story involving a certain person, I'm trying to do it in the exact voice and mimicry to make it funnier. Many people are actually pretty surprised how well I manage to do so. 


2. I can't see in 3D

Or, something similar. Basically, I will never see stuff fully focused and 100% correct, even with the right lenses. I have this fascinating thing called amblyopia, or more commonly, lazy eye. My brain isn't able to process the image from the worse eye, so it ignores it and I only see the world through my better eye. If I was reading a text only using my weak eye, the letters would be sharp, however, they would be in a weird order. Amblyopia causes loss of depth perception and weaker 3D vision. And I always wondered, why I never enjoyed 3D movies... 


3. Driving gives me anxiety

I passed my license test on the first attempt when I was 17 and since then, I (almost) never touched the steering wheel. It just doesn't feel right for me and I can't imagine an activity giving me more stress. I'd love to overcome it someday because it's a necessity. However, living in Prague I'm like: meh, public transport is just more convenient anyway. I'll just become rich and have my personal driver. Or a husband.


4. I love capital cities

When I was about nine years old, I found an Atlas in my grandmothers house and I got obsessed with learning all the capital cities of the world. I became extremely annoying with examining the knowledge of my friends and family, just to prove that I'm special. Ouagadougou was my favorite. That figures out why I looked like a small nerd. Anyway, until this day I'm still pretty excited about country geography but I can't remember all of the cities, unfortunately. At least it made me want to travel the world. My biggest dream is visiting Nuuk.


5. I'm an anti-talent at sports

If anyone who knows me quite well sees me doing a physical activity, they clean their eyes & take a picture as a proof. Seriously. Happened to me few times. It's not like I wouldn't enjoy sports, I just hate doing stuff I'm not good at. Team games scare me, because I don't want my friends to fail because of my incapability. Going to the gym scares me, because everyone knows what to do and I would have no idea. Doing sports alone scares me, because I wouldn't know if I'm doing it correctly. Yeah, don't ask, it's weird. And PE was totally among the worst high school classes for me. 

Once a guy asked me out and I told him he doesn't know me well. I'd agree if he told me at least three of my hobbies. His first guess was sports. Yeah. The date didn't happen.


6. I once studied a language for a crush

I was 13 and I had this huge crush on someone from another country, so I decided I might just surprise him and buy textbooks and dictionaries to teach myself the language. Was quite successful, even till this day I understand it on a great level but I wouldn't be able to speak. Yes this is a weird fun fact, hey crush from eight years ago, hope you're not reading my blog, if you do, please pretend you never saw this! Thanks.


7. I could totally live without chocolate

I like the taste of it. It's all good. I just can't eat the whole chocolate at once. And I find the supersweet cakes with lots of whipped cream disgusting. Do you want to make me happy? BACON. Bacon is the answer. Or anything salty. French fries? I'm sweet already so I need some balance in my life. 


8. I once joined a modeling agency

Never got any real gig, but I had my own professional photo book. For an eight year old child, it was a super fascinating experience. It lasted for three years. At least I have cool pictures. And I can brag about it. Totally worth it.


9. I'm addicted to cafés

When I work, I can't stay at home. I have a huge list of my favorite cafés in Prague and that's usually where the magic happens. I enjoy the atmosphere of the place, the smell of the coffee, looking at other people being productive, exploring the small and hidden places,... eh, it's just a nice workplace. Many people think you need a company to be in a café, I just enjoy it more by myself. Well, I'm never alone. I have my coffee.


10. Majority of my friends are male

I just feel that girls mostly need more attention & I can't bond with them that well. Boys, on the other hand, have more similar sense of humor and I like how their friendships look like. If you are ever invited to a party I'm throwing, don't be surprised about the lack of females. I don't do it on purpose. It just happens that way.


photographed by Lea Ballova

edited by myself


Love is in the Gardens of Prague

Love is in the Gardens of Prague

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