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Halfway through!

Halfway through!

I'm a bachelor! Three years, gone, just like that... 

I had my state exams on Wednesday. I honestly wasn't able to write down my thoughts right away. I had to process it. You know, it's a small step in life, but it still counts as something special. Looking back at the past three years makes me wonder how much I have changed. 


It all starts during the last years of high school. You're forced to choose the right path for yourself, even though you are not exactly sure where you're going to end up. I'm not sure I was fully aware of the fact, that the little decision of your almae matris will impact almost everything in your future. The perspective on life, the city where you'll spend your best years, the people you meet and now can't imagine your life without. Each year gave me something different and was tied to a different lifestyle. I had to evolve as a person - and looking back, I really did. I became much more confident (still need to work on that though) and less shy (still need to work on that though) and waaay more adventurous. 

My first year was all tied up with #Jižák. It's a lovely hood in the south part of Prague, gazillion hours from the city centre, with dormitories giving you a prison vibe. I still managed to really like it. Discovering how the university works, exploring the city, living with nice people. It's tied up with many great memories, such as random night walks through the forest, re-watching W.I.T.C.H. series with Lea, playing board games, catching the train back home every two weeks... okay who am I kidding. I have much better stories from other years. But it was a great one! 


Through the next two years, with all the ups and downs, there was one thing standing out for me the most - friends. I became much more social, because I found people whom I really wanted to hang out with. Genuinely saying, some of them are now like a second family.

Other than that, I started doing things above the school. Managed to find a balance between studying hard, not leaving the library and creating new exciting memories. Bought a snail for few days. Named him Lament. Had a Wine Wednesday tradition with my classmates. Bingewatched tons of series. Couldn't stand neighbors knocking at our room wall to be quiet (hi there). Couldn't stand being quiet. Not being quiet. Hanging out at the Farmers markets on Saturday mornings. Organizing hot-wine evenings for our friends. And BBQs. Went on Erasmus. Hosted many international friends. Hosted many friends. On the floor. In a sleeping bag (hi, David). Enjoyed taking yoga classes on Wednesday mornings. Didn't enjoy taking yoga classes after Tuesday parties. Went on great road trips. Invented many inside jokes. Figured out some Czech words. Gained the Czech accent. Found the best wine spots in Prague.


When you arrive to a new place, it's a new chapter. A blank map you're coloring step by step. It's not just a city for me anymore - on every corner I am re-living a memory from the past. Cheers to more of them! 

Industrial vibes w/Terka

Industrial vibes w/Terka

The Reflection

The Reflection