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Patrik / Dejvice vibes

Patrik / Dejvice vibes

Dejvice miiight be one of my favorite districts in Prague. The area is really student friendly & has a great vibe. Also, you cannot really count the hours I already spent in that library… we have a love hate relationship.

These might not be my typical pictures full of sunshine and bokeh, but I enjoyed taking them a lot. It was my first time meeting Patrik, and probably yours as well now! So let's get to know him a bit better. Patrik, any fun facts?

  1. I attend FNSPE CTU, I`m specializing in mathematical physics especially on the theme of general gravitation. However, although it may sound like a clearly physical topic, I intent to study the algebraic structure of the theory.

  2. Tattoo lover. Precisely, I've got 5 of them, but there's much more coming soon.

  3. Lover of sarcastic and black humor.

  4. There's not much that I love, but I hate these things: bacon, beer, celery, stupid people, arugula, pathetic people and couples cuddling publicly

  5. I'm both shy and extroverted - with people I know well I like to chat for hours about everything and I haven't got a problem

  6. I never come on time

Enjoy the pictures!


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