Hi, that's me! 

Ľudmila Borošová.


I’m a 22-year old girl from Komárno in the south of Slovakia. Currently, I’m studying my masters in Business Administration at the University of Economics in Prague, where I also spend most of my time.

Why photography?

A photograph can often mean much more, than lots of words. Each photo has a hidden, unique moment in itself. It can tell a story, express feelings, it can capture a piece of our past. Isn’t it magical, that through photography we can travel in time? 

What's my mission?

To deliver images, which will be cherished by my customers for their lifetime and providing an excellent customer service with all my heart and energy.

What do I enjoy?

Coffee, the smell of coffee and places where I can get coffee. Golden hours. Sunlight. Bokeh. Travelling. Spontaneous moments. Sleeping late. Playing the piano. Long walks. Views from trains. Plane landings. Big cities. Cities at night. Exploring new cultures. Getting lost with the right people. Inside jokes. Anything containing cheese. Salty over sweet food. But any food is great. So food. And photography, of course.