I’m a 20-year old girl from Komárno in the south of Slovakia. Currently, I’m studying Business Administration at the University of Economics in Prague.

I graduated from an eight-year college and spent 12 years studying at art school – playing piano, which is still incredibly fulfilling. One of my other hobbies is travelling. Not only because it is closely related to photography, but also for the chance to explore the unknown. Among other things, I enjoy a good cup of coffee and going for walks.

My name is Ľudmila Borošová and I discovered the world of photography about five years ago. Since then, I found out few things…

"A photograph can often mean much more, than lots of words. Each photo has a hidden, unique moment in itself. It can tell a story, express feelings, it can capture a piece of our past. Isn’t it magical, that through photography we can travel in time?"